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William Kennedy, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Ironweed and many other novels, reading from his most recent, Chango’s Beads and Two-Tone Shoes (2011), at a Salmagundi Salon event at Skidmore College in 2012.
Todd Gitlin—For the Love of Sin: Toward an Understanding of Trump’s Base
October 30, 2019

In other words, for Trump’s opportunistic followers, moral shortcomings were outweighed by practical exigencies. These adherents were not purists. They were not voting to canonize Trump. However reluctantly, they understood what was required of them in the fallen world of politics. The cause of defending America’s embattled Christians was the great override. Trump’s personal imperfections melted in the heat of the culture war.

—from Gitlin’s penetrating long-form essay on Trump and his base, forthcoming in the next issue of Salmagundi Magazine

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