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What To Read, What to Teach: A Symposium

In January of this year several writers sent our way a Wall Street Journal opinion piece (“Shakespeare Wasn’t Woke”) by a children’s book critic named Meghan Cox Gurdon. These friends suggested that we consider building a modest symposium around the issues raised, and we thought this was a good idea. When the commissioned pieces came in from writers including Francine Prose, Siri Hustvedt and Mark Edmundson, we were not at all surprised, or disappointed, to see that they came at the relevant issues in divergent ways. The response pieces—featured in the current issue of Salmagundi, #210-211, just out, and available online under Special Features just below—suggest that this is not a debate apt to be resolved any time soon.


The Home Key #2

An Interview with Jon Klages

Covid Diary

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December 13, 2020Read our current issue in a full, page-turnable edition. Salmagundi #208-209 features Tarcrède Herzog on Art & The Plague, Remembering George Steiner, After Trump: An Exchange between Todd Gitlin and David Mikics, new fiction by Pulitzer Prize winner Steven Millhauser, poetry by Joyce Carol Oates and Jeffrey Meyers on the friendship between Freud and Mann.

I Make Chekov Answer for Me

Instruments of Oppression?


Music of Survival

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The Home Key #1

An Interview with Peter Stampfel

Rick Moody, Life Coach

The Difficulty of Action During the Pandemic

Wielding the Lyric

On Now It’s Dark


Salmagundi No. 208-209, Fall 2020-Winter 2021

An Utterance That Becomes a Person

On Now It’s Dark

Reshuffling The Canon

The Death of the Artist, Excellent Sheep:

An Interview with William Deresiewicz

Salmagundi Magazine: A Skidmore Student’s Perspective
February 19, 2021Liv Fidler (‘19) recounts her rich experience working with Salmagundi Magazine as a Skidmore student, interviewing award-winning contributors and making media with the resources of a Skidmore-published magazine featuring the best writers and writing from around the world since 1965.
“Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline … ” An Audio Piece by Liv Fidler ‘19 with Poet Chase Twichell
April 16, 20192019 Skidmore graduate Liv Fidler made this audio piece about Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award-winner Chase Twichell’s poem “Sad Song” which was featured in Salmagundi #190-191. Including an interview with and a recording of a reading by Chase, Liv’s piece is a stand-out from a course bringing together the college’s Documentary Studies (MDOCs) program and the magazine. Salmagundi has since it arrived on campus included Skidmore students in the work of the magazine and given them opportunities to work with some of the most prominent writers working today.

On The Future of Reading:

Shakespeare and Baldwin

Rethinking the Culture Wars

What to Teach, What to Read

Preface to a Symposium

Peter Gizzi on “Rainy Days and Mondays”
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March 10, 2021

Letter from London

Elegy as Tonic

On Now It’s Dark

El Pepe, Lebron, and Trump:

Sports, Literature, and Interpretation

Salmagundi No. 208-209, Fall 2020-Winter 2021

Mirth and Folly Were The Crop*

Salmagundi No. 208-209, Fall 2020-Winter 2021