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Susan Sontag and Gary indiana at the Salmagundi symposium on Kitsch at Skidmore College in 1980
New Issue Hot Off The Presses: Politics & The Current Academy
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November 30, 2017Every few days we’ll be posting work featured in Salmagundi 197-198, just out, including essays from a feature on the politics and culture of the current academy. Look for pieces on appropriation, privilege, censorship, hate speech and the campus left by writers ranging from novelist Allan Gurganus to New York Times Magazine contributing writer Thomas Chatterton Williams and David Bromwich, Sterling Professor of English at Yale and author of Politics By Other Means: Higher Education & Group Thinking — the 1992 book that served as a wake up call about the contemporary university — which we revisit twenty-five years later in this feature.

Tempted by Vulgarity

Salmagundi No. 195/196, Summer – Fall 2017

To The Campus Left, With Love

Salmagundi No. 197-198, Winter - Spring 2018

Shabby Gentility

Salmagundi No. 185/186, Winter – Spring 2015


Salmagundi #144 - 145 (2004 - 2005)

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Robert and Peg Boyers in the Salmagundi office, 1976

The Hazardous World

On “Girls,” Addiction, and Growing Up

Salmagundi No. 195/196, Summer – Fall 2017

Living Through Television or How a Twig Got Bent

Salmagundi No. 195/196, Summer – Fall 2017

“Let The People See What I See”

“Open Casket” at the Whitney Biennial

Salmagundi No. 195/196, Summer – Fall 2017

Photography by Jon Lowe
Anselm Kiefer Geheimnis der Farne, 2007, Photography by Jon Lowe

Kiefer & Co. At The Miami Margulies

Salmagundi No. 192/193, FALL 2016 - WINTER 2017