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Special Feature Forthcoming in the December Issue of Salmagundi — The Age of Conformity: Politics, The Academy & The New Fundamentalism
September 29, 2017

Revisiting David Bromwich’s Politics by Other Means: Higher Education & Group Thinking Twenty-Five Years Later

Politics By Other Means served as a wake-up call to a great many readers who were astonished at what Nation reviewer Paul Levine called the “senseless confusion of politics and education” in the contemporary university. And though there is much we might say about the Bromwich book, and the extraordinary fact that it continues to speak to the problems that bedevil us, we wish only to say here that the symposium in our next issue marks the 25th anniversary of that book, and brings together a wide range of reflections on our present situation.

Shabby Gentility

Salmagundi No. 185/186, Winter – Spring 2015


Salmagundi #144 - 145 (2004 - 2005)

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Robert and Peg Boyers in the Salmagundi office, 1976

The Hazardous World

On “Girls,” Addiction, and Growing Up

Salmagundi No. 195/196, Summer – Fall 2017

Living Through Television or How a Twig Got Bent

Salmagundi No. 195/196, Summer – Fall 2017



Heidegger, Again

Salmagundi No. 82/83, Spring-Summer 1989

A Librarian of Alexandria

Salmagundi No. 185/186, Winter – Spring 2015