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Salmagundi #214-215, just out, is as fresh, delicious and varied as the Wayne Thiebaud pies that adorn its cover (you can read our Art Scene columnist, Barbara Purcell, on “Thiebaud at 100” which includes their conversation from his final interview). Adam Phillips—a long-time Salmagundi contributor who is also “Britain’s foremost psychoanalytic writer” according to the New Yorker (but so much more than that)—offers a rich and characteristically singular essay on censorship that anchors a wide-ranging special feature on the psychotherapist and essayist’s work with contributions from Stephen Greenblatt, Phillip Lopate, Emily Fox-Gordon and others. A new Salmagundi Symposium, “America as a Broken Society,” features responses to David Brooks by Roger Berkowitz and William Deresiewicz. Also in this issue: a moving and candid essay by Howard Norman concerning biography and friendship, an unflinching consideration of Balthus and Nabokov by Jeffrey Meyers, columns on “deadfacting” and Googlegangers plus new fiction and poetry (including work by Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Dennis), among other delights and provocations. Some pieces are available on this site but please consider ordering the complete issue or, better yet, subscribing to Salmagundi by visiting the shop on our homepage.
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Photograph of the young Rickie Lee Jones courtesy of the artist

The Home Key #7

An Interview with Rickie Lee Jones

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The Home Key #6:

Get Back

Rick Moody, Life Coach:


What to Teach, What to Read

Preface to a Symposium

Salmagundi 210 - 211, Spring - Summer 2021

Pandemic Cinema

Thumbnail peter stampfel 20th box cover

The Home Key #1

An Interview with Peter Stampfel

Letter from London

Elegy as Tonic

On Now It’s Dark

Disorders of Articulation

Trading Places

Salmagundi No. 208-209, Fall 2020-Winter 2021

Wielding the Lyric

On Now It’s Dark

Cornelius Eady (Tie by Susan Micklem)

The Home Key #3:

An Interview with Cornelius Eady

The Home Key #2

An Interview with Jon Klages

The Death of the Artist, Excellent Sheep:

An Interview with William Deresiewicz

Salmagundi 210 - 211, Spring - Summer 2021

Music of Survival

Salmagundi Magazine: A Skidmore Student’s Perspective
February 19, 2021Liv Fidler (‘19) recounts her rich experience working with Salmagundi Magazine as a Skidmore student, interviewing award-winning contributors and making media with the resources of a Skidmore-published magazine featuring the best writers and writing from around the world since 1965.

Rick Moody, Life Coach

The Difficulty of Action During the Pandemic

An Utterance That Becomes a Person

On Now It’s Dark

Looking for Bucharest

Salmagundi No. 208-209, Fall 2020-Winter 2021