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What do you think of when you think of Salmagundi? “Serious”? High culture? Belletristic? Sure, all those things, plus what you might not expect. Read our new issue — #220-221 — to confirm and shake up your sense of Salmagundi.

The new issue includes items on a wide variety of subjects and features essays, columns, an interview and memoir: West Side Story / Nobel laureate J.M. Coetzee (a long interview) / On Bees / Jeffrey Meyers on “writer’s writer” James Salter / A Park Avenue memoir / Martin Jay on Black Art / The Gay Hussar / The Martyr, a story by Mary Gordon / A memorial tribute to poet Barry Goldensohn / The Films of Jordan Peele (inaugural column from our film critic Sam Kahn)

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“This Piece of Land That’s Breaking”:

In Conversation With Artist Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo

Wielding the Lyric

On Now It’s Dark

My Park Avenue Year

I Lost My Life in 2006

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Bill Orcutt (photograph by Jim Hensley)

The Home Key #11:

An Interview with Bill Orcutt

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Klaus Voorman’s original sketch for the cover of Revolver

The Home Key #10:

On Revolver


The Home Key #9:

An Interview with Chris Forsyth

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Photograph of the young Rickie Lee Jones courtesy of the artist

The Home Key #7

An Interview with Rickie Lee Jones

Cornelius Eady (Tie by Susan Micklem)

The Home Key #3:

An Interview with Cornelius Eady

The Home Key #2

An Interview with Jon Klages

The Home Key #12

Every Good Song Pete Townshend Wrote After Quadrophenia, An Annotation

Dead Brothers

West Side Story, Old and New

An Interview with ChatGPT

Dylan bw

Dylan Comes Apart In “Fragments: ‘Time Out Of Mind’ Sessions”

Thumbnail greetings from austin capitol wall mural art austin texas

Fierce Nostalgia: Notes From a Non-Native Austinite

The Home Key #8:

Regina Spektor, Onto-Theologically

1920x1080 get back to let it be   open   v2

The Home Key #6:

Get Back

Rick Moody, Life Coach:


What to Teach, What to Read

Preface to a Symposium

Salmagundi 210 - 211, Spring - Summer 2021