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Robert and Peg Boyers on the Skidmore College campus, c. 1982
Puritans & Prigs
November 20, 2017

“What does it matter if a tradition no one identifies with any longer is unjustly disparaged? If history does not precisely authorize the use we make of the word Puritanism, we all know what we mean by it, so what harm is done? Well, for one thing we make ourselves ignorant and contemptuous of the first two or three hundred years of one major strain of our own civilization.” —Marilynne Robinson, Salmagundi No. 101-102 (Winter-Spring 1994)

Image: “Honey, I’m Worried About the Kids,” a Japanese woodblock print by artist Annie Bissett

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Robert and Peg Boyers in the Salmagundi office, 1976

"Salmagundi Annual Cocktail Party" c. 1969 by Margie Mellman copy.jpg

“Salmagundi Annual Cocktail Party”

A Drawing c. 1969