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Buddy bolden band jimmie johnson buddy bolden brock mumford willie cornish frank lewis willie warner new orleans ca 1905

In the glittering firmament of American cultural history, Buddy Bolden’s star is barely distinguishable, its existence acknowledged mainly by its effect on what can be seen around it. We know the who and the where, but we don’t know the how, the what, or the why.

— writer, composer and performer Howard Fishman from his exclusive on-line piece on Buddy Bolden (see below)

Salmagundi contributor Kevin Brown on Malcolm X
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September 23, 2020Kevin Brown interviewed on the Conspiracy Unlimited podcast about the legacy of Malcolm X. Salmagundi #206-7 featured Brown’s rich and personal essay “Conjure Women: Romare Bearden and the Stories Great Grandmother Told,” which you can find by clicking the Current Issue link above.

Conducting the Light and The Dark

A Note on Jason Molina

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Frank Bidart’s ‘Ellen West’ Becomes an Opera

Before The Earth Cooled:

The Pre-Jazz Life and Music of Buddy Bolden

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Robert and Peg Boyers in the Salmagundi office, 1976

"salmagundi annual cocktail party" c. 1969 by margie mellman copy

“Salmagundi Annual Cocktail Party”

A Drawing c. 1969