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#216-217, our fall-winter issue, is out now and includes a long interview with art writer JED PERL, a new essay by Nobel laureate OLGA TOKARCZUK, WILLIAM DERESIEWICZ’s political column “On Not Drinking the Kool-Aid,” ELIZABETH BENEDICT’s account of our current and largely dispiriting sexual landscape, KEVIN BROWN on Robert Johnson and the blues, as well as JEFFREY MEYERS on Anne Frank and Audrey Hepburn. Plus new fiction, poems, personal essays and columns. Follow the CURRENT ISSUE link above to purchase the issue or subscribe to SALMAGUNDI. We’ll be featuring work from the new issue on this site along with our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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Fierce Nostalgia: Notes From a Non-Native Austinite

Wielding the Lyric

On Now It’s Dark


The Home Key #9:

An Interview with Chris Forsyth

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The Home Key #6:

Get Back

Rick Moody, Life Coach:


What to Teach, What to Read

Preface to a Symposium

Salmagundi 210 - 211, Spring - Summer 2021

Pandemic Cinema

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The Home Key #1

An Interview with Peter Stampfel

Rick Moody, Life Coach

The Difficulty of Action During the Pandemic

An Utterance That Becomes a Person

On Now It’s Dark

The Home Key #8:

Regina Spektor, Onto-Theologically

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Photograph of the young Rickie Lee Jones courtesy of the artist

The Home Key #7

An Interview with Rickie Lee Jones

Cornelius Eady (Tie by Susan Micklem)

The Home Key #3:

An Interview with Cornelius Eady

The Home Key #2

An Interview with Jon Klages

The Death of the Artist, Excellent Sheep:

An Interview with William Deresiewicz

Salmagundi 210 - 211, Spring - Summer 2021

Music of Survival

Letter from London

Elegy as Tonic

On Now It’s Dark

Disorders of Articulation