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Ben's Hands

“This Scribe, My Hand” The hands of poet Ben Belitt, writing, c. 2001, photo by Emma Dodge Hanson

This inimitable and under-appreciated writer published some of his most affecting later poems in Salmagundi, including an elegaic masterpiece written in communion with Keats entitled “This Scribe, My Hand” (…/48488/this-scribe-my-hand) about which G. Singh wrote an essay ( in the special feature devoted to Belitt’s work in Salmagundi #87 (Summer 1990).

Some Notes on Operating During These Times: Servicing Orders, Submissions, Next Issue
March 20, 2020

Dear Readers –

We are off-campus and short-staffed so please be patient with orders you place – they will take longer than usual to fufill.

We will not be able to continue to receive unsolicited submissions and will hope to enter a reading period again in February 2021.

Our Spring-Summer issue, which we hoped to send to the printer in the next week or so, will be delayed at least until the summer .

We will update these notices when we have a clearer sense of what’s ahead and remind you that there is a great deal of work from Salmagundi past and present to read on this website. We will also be posting as often as we can on Instagram (salmagundimag) and Facebook (Salmagundi Magazine) and would be gratified if you could find us there in this virtual and remote circumstance.

Thank you for your support and continued interest in the magazine.

Exoticism Redeemed:

Patrick Leigh Fermor in the Caribbean


Salmagundi No. 14, 1970


Salmagundi #144-145 (2004-2005)


Salmagundi No. 148/149, Fall 2005 - Winter 2006

The Snake in the Garden

Salmagundi No. 197-198, Winter - Spring 2018

Watching House of Cards in the Age of Donald Trump


Ezra Pound at St. Elizabeth’s

The Shipwrecked Mind:

On Political Reaction

Salmagundi Magazine’s “SALon” Podcast, Episode 1 SALon: TRANSLATION
June 21, 2019

Translation: a carrying over but also a blundering through, a desire, perhaps a little feral, to get hold of what you don’t possess and transform it into something you can use, something that’s yours. Listen in to Episode 1 of Salmagundi’s Podcast “SALon” …

Mary Gordon translates her phobias into non-fiction: on boredom & bad smells 3:26 ARCHIVES 1 Rudolf Arnheim on Van Gogh and Gauguin: translating nature 10:40 Peter Gizzi: Rainy Days & Monday — Pop into Poetry 11:37 ARCHIVES 2 Ben Belitt on translators: illusionists, epistimologists, and the sybil 20:57 Vijay Seshadri: Bach, Etta James, Amazing Grace, Commas & Full Stops 22:20 ARCHIVES 3 Terry Caesar on English in Japan 26:27 Taerin Kim: On Family and Not Speaking the Same Language 28:37 James Miller on “El Paso"and Music Writing 30:46 Max Nelson on film-maker Claire Denis and translating emotion in film 35:31

A Possum Entering the Argument

Salmagundi No. 162-163, (2009)

London. High Summer.

Salmagundi No. 176 (2012)

Water Damage

Salmagundi 158/159, 2009

Porch Steps

Salmagundi No. 124-125, 1999-2000

Commas, Dashes, Ellipses, Full Stops, Question Marks

Salmagundi No. 197-198, Winter - Spring 2018

Scandal Mad and Boy Crazy

A Brooklyn Bovary

(As Told by Her Son)

On “Privilege”:

A Conversation with Phoebe Maltz Bovy and Robert Boyers

Salmagundi No. 197-198, Winter - Spring 2018