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“‘If at times my productions do not express the conventionally beautiful,’ Jacob Lawrence once remarked, ‘there is always an effort to express the universal beauty of man’s continuous struggle…’ Lawrence was a prominent figurative painter of the 20th century and the most important Black artist of his time, recounting epic narratives and everyday scenes, often of the African-American experience, to tell a broader American story.”

Barbara Purcell writes of Lawrence’s struggle and artistic triumph in The Art Scene, her inaugural column for Salmagundi #212-213 (fall 2021 - Winter 2022), which will be published at the end of November. To subscribe to Salmagundi or order single issues, visit the SHOP link in the menu above.

New Salmagundi in Press
Cover 212
November 17, 2021

Salmagundi 202-213 (Fall 2021 - Winter 2022) will be published by December 1. A characteristically eclectic and provocative issue, 212-213 includes:

Barbara Purcell’s inaugural Art Scene column on Jacob Lawrence

“Can the American Meritocracy Get Religion?, a symposium including Marilynne Robinson, Rick Moody, Siri Hustvedt, William Deresiewicz and David Skeel

An interview on race and integration with writer Calvin Baker

An excerpt from Elias Canetti’s The Book Against Death

Linda Hall on the American essay

Jennifer Delton on “Inclusiveness”

Benjamin Ivry on Huizinga

Jeffrey Meyers on Plath and Arbus

Fiction by Sheila Kohler, poems by Kit Fan, Richard Tillinghast and others

And much more.

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Susan sontag

Women, The Arts, & The Politics of Culture

An Interview with Susan Sontag

Salmagundi No. 188/189, 2015


Salmagundi #144-145 (2004-2005)

Cornelius Eady (Tie by Susan Micklem)

The Home Key #3:

An Interview with Cornelius Eady

Undertow, Wolf’s Head Lake

How Zen Ruins Poets

Your Living Eyes

A Few Clear Moments

The Past

Rick Moody, Life Coach:



Salmagundi 210 - 211, Spring - Summer 2021

The Black Intellectual & The Condition of the Culture

A Salmagundi Symposium at Skidmore College

Salmagundi No. 206-207, Spring-Summer 2020

Wielding the Lyric

On Now It’s Dark

Emerging from Censorship

Salmagundi No. 100, Fall 1993

Rick Moody, Life Coach:

The Record of Your Experiences

Literature and Engagement:

The Power of Words

The Poet’s Staircase

On Robert Lowell



My Father’s Green Album

Salmagundi 210 - 211, Spring - Summer 2021

A Reckoning*

Salmagundi 210 - 211, Spring - Summer 2021