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Margo Jefferson at Salmagundi’s “Sharing the Wealth” conference on February 3. Photograph by Emma Dodge Hanson
Fermor’s Footsteps
Plf, at his desk in greece
February 23, 2018

Recently we remembered Patrick Leigh Fermor whose birthday on the 11th of February marked 103 years (he lived to 96). In a special feature of a 2014 Salmagundi, we published a selection of writers on Fermor and offered even more pieces online including “Constantinople” from which the following excerpt comes:

“My plan was vague. Like Fermor and Lee, I wanted to get away from the small town I had grown up in, to get out and to find, as Fermor put it, ‘A new life! Freedom! Something to write about!’ I wanted to be lost and to taste the loneliness of sleeping on trains. I wanted to flirt with the edges of safety and cross thresholds, borders and edges. I knew I was looking for a hyper-awareness of place and for landscapes to insert myself into and I was interested in exploring the bridge between the dream-spaces of the books I was reading and the real places I was physically moving through.”

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Photography of Leigh Fermor on his terrace at Kardamyli courtesy of Beatrice Monti


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