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Editor-in-Chief Robert Boyers on the poems of Louise Glück, recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize in literature and long-time Salmagundi contributor. See the note on this page for more on Glück, Salmagundi and Skidmore College:

Glück “has been not only a resourceful and versatile poet but also an astonishingly brave one. Brave in what sense? In the way she has steadily enlarged her range and idiom, working, to be sure, within the compass of her own nature, but ever testing the limits of her gift, so that the impression made by the work as a whole is not of limitation but of an overwhelming fullness of invention and abundance of life.”

— Robert Boyers, The Nation, November 20, 2012

… a stranger’s waiting for you / in a hundred rooms …
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October 14, 2020Nobel laureate Louise Glück’s poem “First Goodbye” from Salmagundi No. 50/51(Fall 1980-Winter 1981)


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Nobel Prize Awarded to Louise Glück
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October 8, 2020

The Nobel Prize in Literature has just been awarded to the American poet Louise Glück — a writer we have long published, read and loved (her first published poems appeared in SALMAGUNDI #4, 1966/7).

She has contributed more than a dozen poems to SALMAGUNDI and for virtually every one its 34 summer sessions participated in the New York State Summer Writers Institute, held at SALMAGUNDI’s home, Skidmore College, which awarded her an honorary degree when she delivered the Steloff Lecture at the college in 1995.

Editor-in-Chief Robert Boyers reviewed Louise Glück’s first book in the PARTISAN REVIEW more than fifty years ago and wrote about her Collected Poems a few years ago in a lengthy review-essay for THE NATION Magazine that begins with a brief account of reading her early poems as a young editor of a new magazine.

Louise now joins a list of SALMAGUNDI contributors who have been awarded the Nobel Prize—Nadine Gordimer, JM Coetzee, Saul Bellow, Mario Vargas Llosa, Seamus Heaney.

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