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• On Israel and Gaza—Susie Linfield and David Stromberg • Regina Janes on Hilary Mantel • Elizabeth Benedict on James Salter and Jewishness • Steve Stern: Again with Kafka • Phillip Lopate—Coming of Age in the Open Classroom • A Story by Joyce Carol Oates • Art: Donald Judd & Manet/Degas • Jay Rogoff on Balanchine • Jeffrey Meyers: Wounded Spirits of WWI • Poems by Mazur, Shapiro, Logan and others & More ON THE COVER: Hans Bellmer “The Doll (Face and Knife),” 1935

Phillips and Emerson:

Against Understanding

The Home Key #12

Every Good Song Pete Townshend Wrote After Quadrophenia, An Annotation

Race & Integration:

An Interview with Calvin Baker

The Black Intellectual & The Condition of the Culture

A Salmagundi Symposium at Skidmore College

Salmagundi No. 206-207, Spring-Summer 2020

On Boredom and Bad Smells

Salmagundi No. 200-201, Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

Wielding the Lyric

On Now It’s Dark

Five Poems

Salmagundi 218-219, Spring-Summer 2023


Salmagundi 218-219, Spring-Summer 2023

Talking Race Matters:

A Conversation with John McWhorter & Thomas Chatterton Williams

Salmagundi 218-219, Spring-Summer 2023

An Interview with ChatGPT

Dylan bw

Dylan Comes Apart In “Fragments: ‘Time Out Of Mind’ Sessions”

Thumbnail img 6246
Klaus Voorman’s original sketch for the cover of Revolver

The Home Key #10:

On Revolver

Authority & Freedom:

A Conversation with Jed Perl

Salmagundi 216-217, Fall 2022 - Winter 2023

What’s the Matter with Sex?

Salmagundi 216-217, Fall 2022 - Winter 2023

The Super-Ego in the Green World

A Selection from Elias Canetti’s The Book Against Death

A Brooklyn Bovary

(As Told by Her Son)

Susan sontag

Women, The Arts, & The Politics of Culture

An Interview with Susan Sontag

Salmagundi No. 188/189, 2015

Chase twichell 448

“Sad Song”

Emerging from Censorship

Salmagundi No. 100, Fall 1993

Ellsworth Kelly’s “Postcards”

Salmagundi 218-219, Spring-Summer 2023

How Capitalism Went “Progressive”

Salmagundi 218-219, Spring-Summer 2023

The Valley of the Shadow

Salmagundi No. 206-207, Spring-Summer 2020

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Bill Orcutt (photograph by Jim Hensley)

The Home Key #11:

An Interview with Bill Orcutt

Delbanco portrait
Max Liebermann’s portrait of the author’s grandmother, Frances née Lehmann Bernstein

My Life in Art

Salmagundi 216-217, Fall 2022 - Winter 2023


Salmagundi #144-145 (2004-2005)


Ms. Annye, Li’l Robert Johnson & Them

Salmagundi 216-217, Fall 2022 - Winter 2023